Sunday, 24 November 2013

(32) Short Film Sunday #17: White Noise (2012)

White Noise (2012).
This Short Film Sunday will be a little step aside from traditional cinema and shorts, that are usually posted here, nevertheless, it will offer you the same enjoyment and satisfaction. White Noise is more of a documentary/adventure type of film, so enjoy the scenic views and get inspired.
Winter is just around the corner or might be already in your backyard or on top of the mountain. Well, I heard that in Snowdonia, Wales, winter is already at hand, might be a destination for the Christmas trip. While I am planning my winter mountaineering trip to Scotland, to Cairngorms mountain range, thanks to Conville Memorial Trust (I will get to use ice axe! All excited and giddy.), I would suggest you, my dear readers, to plan something amazing for your winter. So this Short Film Sunday is for your inspiration and I challenge you all to do something this winter, that you have not done before.
White Noise (2012) from TimeLine films, featuring talented, admirable and regarded as the best big mountain rider, Xavier De La Rue, is a fantastic starting point in the search of inspiration. It will take you through snow, on top of the mountains, deep down in valleys and out in the sun, it is a fantastic trip to start your winter with. So wrap up, grab a glass of hot whiskey and enjoy the film! See you all out in the snow!

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