Sunday, 1 December 2013

(33) Short Film Sunday #18: How to Sharpen Pencils (2013)

How to Sharpen Pencils (2013).
Light and merry First Advent to everyone!
With Christmas around the corner comes warning about consumerism, don't be a victim to adverts and shopping centers, don't buy loads of stuff, instead, make your own gifts or at least put a little bit of your own work into gifts, it will be much appreciated by your friends and family, and me.
Pricefilms How to Sharpen Pencils is an enchanting short documentary about the almost lost and gone trade: pencil sharpening by hand. The short is practical and will teach you a trick or two about pencil sharpening, and there is a lot to learn, especially if you love drawing and want to treat your pencils with a respect.
The short has won several awards, including Sidewalk Film Festival award for the Best Documentary Short. Tune in, let the smile appear on your face and learn all about this artisan craft from David Rees.

Till next Sunday, my dear readers.

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