Sunday, 3 November 2013

(28) Short Film Sunday #14: I'm Here (2010)

I'm Here (2010).

Spike Jonze is better known for such films as, Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation (2002), Where the Wild Thing Are (2009) or Scenes from the Suburbs (2011), which is a short film inspired by Arcade Fire's Grammy award winning album "The Suburbs", and is available as part of "The Suburbs" deluxe release. (Watch it, if you can hunt it down, whether you are Arcade Fire fan or not. I strongly recommend.)
The short film I'm Here is a nontraditional, poignant and heart-breaking love story. As bizarre as it may seem, it is about robots, only machines... Yet, Jonze has made it so, that you fall in love with the protagonist Sheldon in the first minutes of the film. One of the reasons for that could be that his voice belongs to none other than Amazing Spider-man, Andrew Garfield. Or it could be also because, be it machine or not, once human created, it may arise humane feelings, and if you have heart you will warm to Sheldon. All in all, why would we think that humans are the only ones capable of loving someone? Sheldon falls in love with music, a girl and a starry night. With that he opens a door to a different world, a world more fulfilled, a world of emotions and dreams.
Jonze in his short portrays a world, which is cohabited by humans and robots. A sci-fi love story, where combination of numbers (binary code) is equated to humans, their identities and feelings. However, it is not portrayed in a negative way, instead, the short portrays Sheldon and Francesca's (played by Sienna Guillory) love in a very intimate way, where outer image or money don't play any part. Their love will endure anything, even falling apart...
In some ways it gives hope, if the two man-made machines can fall in love in a fictional world, then I would like to think that human civilisation isn't completely lost to consumerism, yet.
Enjoy, my dear readers.

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