Sunday, 28 July 2013

(13) Short Film Sunday #1: La luna (2011)

To get myself more disciplined and return back in the rhythm of watching and writing about films I came up with an idea for Short Film Sunday. So, from now on every Sunday I will shortly discuss one short film. All in all, Sunday's are lazy days, so what can be more delightful than watching a short film while having a lovely cup of afternoon tea and then taking a nap.

La luna (2011).
As an opening short film for my Short Film Sunday I chose La luna (2011). It is one of my absolute favourite short films and Pixar films. It is directed and written by Enrico Casarosa (now working on the upcoming Pixar feature The Good Dinosaur).
When I went to see the new hit from Pixar Brave (2012) last autumn, beforehand they showed a sweet little animation La luna (The Moon), which, in my opinion, was the highlight of the whole screening. It is a story about 3 generations, a grandfather, a father and a son, about their different ways of perceiving life and doing things, about one family's very special and most unusual line of work.

It is a captivating piece of animation, food for grown ups imagination and a marvellous little tale for kids to tell about the making of the crescent moon. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Have a lovely Sunday!