Sunday, 17 November 2013

(31) Short Film Sunday #16: Castello Cavalcanti (2013)

Castello Cavalcanti (2013).
Take one part Hollywood, one part fashion house, pick a European city, add some colour and... ACTION! A second collaboration between Prada and Wes Anderson (the first collaboration was advertisements for the fragrance Candy L'Eau, watch it here)  has resulted into a peculiar, quirky, colourful and charming  short film Castello Cavalcanti, which was released earlier this week. If it seems too long of a wait for The Grand Budapest Hotel (watch the trailer here), which will be released in March next year, or you just want to add some spice and colour to your otherwise bland and wet autumn evening, then this is for you.
Castello Cavalcanti is a short film indicatively set in Molte Miglia (translation: Many Miles), Italy in September, 1955, where an idyllic evening in the town is disturbed, when a race car crashes into a town center. Jed Cavalcanti, played by none other than Jason Schwartzman, emerges from the wrecked car and smoke. After his anger about the crash has reduced, he soon finds out that he has returned home, and friendly villagers actually are his ancestors.
The short film is vivid, performances are great and filming technique lets you stare right into the turmoil of adventure. Enjoy!

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