Sunday, 15 December 2013

(35) Short Film Sunday #20: What Do You Want for Christmas? (2009)

What Do You Want for Christmas? (2009).

Only nine days left till Christmas Eve. Excitement and hidden secrets in the wrapping paper! This is my favourite holiday time of the year, not only because Christmas is all about family, mountains of gingerbread cookies, clementines, candle light, snow and gifts, but also because of the fact, that my holiday time usually is prolonged, because my birthday is right after Christmas. Getting double as many gifts is always great! A bit selfish, but who doesn't enjoy getting gifts?
Many of us ask ourselves and our loved ones also, "What do you want for Christmas?" or "What do you need for Christmas?" And this slight change between "want" and "need" restricts our imagination of what we are going to get for our loved ones. Whether it is going to be something practical, something fun or sweet, or something that they are longing to get or something that they desperately need. I always try to keep it on the silver lining, I don't like to get things that will be sitting on the shelf and gathering dust, but at the same time I don't like to get every day things. The most important thing is to put a smile on the other person's face, that's what Christmas is all about!
This weeks short film asks you one simple question "What do you want for Christmas?" In the short you can get the whole spectrum of answers, going from a simple pair of gloves to a Lamborghini to peace on Earth, snow and having family home for Christmas. Selfish or giving, what do you really want for Christmas?
Enjoy, my dear reader!

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