Sunday, 9 February 2014

(42) Short Film Sunday #27: 43,000 Feet (2012)

43,000 Feet (2012).
A few days ago my sister posted a link to a short film - 43,000 Feet (2012) - I was immediately hooked because of the short film's title and because once in my life I enjoyed mathematics, and I was really good at maths. However, 43,000 Feet is not only about calculations and hitting the right angle, it is an exploration of one's mind, what would one's mind think and what it should think, when all you have is 3 minutes and 48 seconds till your probable death after a free fall from a height of 43,000 feet. It is New Zealand based director's Campbell Hooper's first short film, previously Hooper had worked on several music videos and commercials.
43,000 Feet is a combination of illustrations, graphs, mathematical equations and, of course, the falling. Through the use of these images the film explores the statistician's, John Wilkins', take on the situation, when he is sucked out of the airplane after the emergency door malfunctions. It is a story of his thoughts that goes through his head while falling, like, how much time he has left, how he should fall and what he would tell the press, in case he survives. Although, it seems that these thoughts are more of afterthoughts, which are delivered through an even voice-over. In the end it is left open, whether he survives or not is left to the viewer's perception.
My favourite story from the short is a story about a bum and a time machine. See for yourself one man's musings while falling from 43,000 feet. Enjoy, my dear reader!

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