Sunday, 29 September 2013

(24) Short Film Sunday #10: The Last Bookshop (2012)

The Last Bookshop (2012).
The Last Bookshop (2012) is a short film set in the future, where digital holographic entertainment has taken over physical and actual entertainment, like, books. The short film portrays this, in my opinion, dreaded future, where real books have died out. One day, the holographic computer/device fails, and a young boy is left with nothing to do, so he wanders around the streets and stumbles upon this long forgotten bookshop. In fact, as the shopkeeper states, he had his last customer 25 years ago. So, of course, the shopkeeper is excited and happily gives a pile of books to the young lad and tells him the stories of the old world, times when things were real and you could touch and smell them. The old shopkeeper even tells about one of his adventures, when he "queued up at midnight for a book about a wizard. It was the vogue.".
It is delightful little story, that reminds us, how important is physical communication with people, having first hand experience of everything (what also Whitman emphasised in his poetry), so lets not forget about it. So, pick up a book and have a reading hour with a nice cup of cocoa and go and visit some of your friends tomorrow or just smile to the stranger. Because, I certainly don't want to end up in the world where there is only one bookshop left, and even that is taken over by a mean villain named Gamazone. See for yourself how it would look!

Remember, the book can never show you an error message, it will never fail you...

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