Sunday, 4 August 2013

(14) Short Film Sunday #2: Six Shooter (2004)

Six Shooter (2004).
Previous Sunday I wrote about a marvelous little short film La Luna (2011), you can read the post and watch it here.
Well, this week I return with something that would not be advisable for the kids under 16. It is Martin McDonagh's short film Six Shooter (2004). If you enjoyed McDonagh's latest film Seven Psychopaths (2012), you will also enjoy this, well in this one you don't have Tom Waits with a white rabbit, but you do have Brendan Gleeson with a white rabbit.
Six Shooter is a black Irish comedy, with blood, several deaths, funny/sad accidents, where you are not sure whether to laugh or cry or your face just freezes out of shock. It has it all, even a lad who won't shut up for a second in the whole film. In the end all is grand.
Hop on the train and enjoy Martin McDonagh's several award winning short, including Academy Award for Live Action Short Film, with Brendan Gleeson and never quiet lad Rúaidhrí Conroy.

If you still have free time on your hands this Sunday and you enjoyed this dark comedy, then head to the library and borrow Martin McDonagh's excellent play "The Cripple of Inishmaan" or head to London and watch it at Noel Coward Theatre, starring Daniel Radcliffe. (P.S. You can give me two tickets as a gift, would love that.)

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