Friday, 8 March 2013

(7) His Girl Friday (1940)

I would like to congratulate all women on the International Women's Day and thus I offer you to watch His Girl Friday (1940), directed by Howard Hawks and starring charming Cary Grant as Walter Burns and magnificent Rosalind Russel as Hildy Johnson.

His Girl Friday is one of Hollywood's Golden Age 'screwball' comedies, where there are no excuses for outrageous behaviour, and that's the key - 'screwball' comedies don't make excuses. It's "the newspaper-room comedy as swift and stinging as a paper cut" (Sight&Sound, vol. 23, issue 2).
Fantastic acting, quick paced and breathtaking, after the film you will feel like you just left a gym!

The final draft of the film was almost on 200 pages, but the film is only 92 minutes long, I guarantee your eyes will be peeled to the screen all these 92 minutes and your mouth will stay open all throughout the film!
Now go!

You can watch the full film here:

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